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Chat room Counselling

The instant response obtained from online chat can be incredibly comforting for clients who want immediate feedback and interaction with their counsellor.

Similarly to that of e-therapy, online chat is more accessible and convenient than face-to face counselling and as with e-therapy, it too gives you the option of remaining anonymous.

Online chat happens in real time (synchronous) and is similar to text messaging. Chat, text and e-therapy are all fully encrypted and held in secure platforms. Although chat is text based, notes and images can be shared depending on how you want to work.

Once we have decided this type of therapy could work for you, I will send you a brief questionnaire and we can set a date and time to commence online chat.

It's really easy to join our online chat. Simply make an appointment and then come back to this page and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address (the one you signed up with) and the password which was sent to the same email address.
  2. Click the “Login” button.
  3. You’ll be shown a list of your upcoming chat sessions.
  4. If your chat session is available, a “Join Session” button will appear beside the session’s date/time.
  5. Click “Join Session” and you’ll be taken to the chat area.
  6. Simply type into the box and send your messages to chat. Easy!

Please note: Using online chat on a mobile device will use data unless you're connected to wifi.

Make an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with Lindsay you can use the online booking form to choose the type of session to suit you (Face to Face, Chat-room, Face-Time / Zoom, Phone Therapy, Skype Therapy, Text, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy).

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