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I provide friendly, easy to access face to face, telephone and online counselling and psychotherapy.
Lindsay George



To provide a friendly, easy to access, confidential, safe, secure, non judgmental, ethical and at all times professional counselling and psychotherapy service offering for young people, adults and couples.


Honesty, integrity, compassion, dignity and respect for you as an individual are always at the very heart of my professional therapeutic practice.


To facilitate earlier intervention and improvements to your mental health and emotional wellbeing by providing a friendly, easily accessible, quality, therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy service.



"What I really liked was that Lindsay offered me FaceTime video calling and for someone like me who found it difficult to speak to new people about my problems, it made it much easier and fitted so well with my busy timetable. It also reduced the level of my anxiety which speaking to a therapist face to face might give you. I found Lindsay helped me in the most rewarding positive way, always giving me praise and showing how proud of my progress she was. As well as giving me many helpful strategies to help manage my anxiety, she was also really good at listening to whatever I wanted to talk about, making it so much more comfortable for me to speak with her."


Lindsay is a superb therapist. She has such empathy, and I never felt judged. Lindsay balanced listening to me and challenging me to perfection. Can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Lindsay.


I highly recommend Lindsay as an experienced, competent therapist. She made me feel supported and kept me sane during the breakdown of my marriage. Lindsay helped me to work through the difficult processes that were involved in my divorce. I would arrive for my session feeling worn down and confused by all the issues that I was trying to get through and leave feeling like a good person, a better mum, and my confidence restored. I saw Lindsay over the many months that my divorce seemed to drag on for, she kept me on track and now, having 'survived' it I feel like I've got another chance to be happy and start a new life again. Thank you Lindsay for your ongoing patience, unconditional warmth and general support and advice.


I contacted Lindsay after a period of feeling overwhelmed. I found her website online, and from the start she was warm and helpful. After seeing that Lindsay has experience in the health sector, I was slightly concerned that I might not have enough to discuss or work through - but Lindsay was welcoming and open to working through whatever was causing me to not feel myself. After just a few sessions with Lindsay, my head was a lot clearer, which was great. There was no hard sell for extra sessions, Lindsay just helps when you need it. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for a clearer headspace, and have already given her contact details to others.


‘I have been working with Lindsay for about 9 months now. Her counselling is invaluable, she gently enables you to reflect upon your own inner dialogue and creates a safe supportive environment that allows you to explore and reconcile life’s dramas. A fantastic counsellor, fun too’


Lindsay is a brilliant therapist. Her approach towards your needs is thoughtful and empathetic. Lindsay helped me through a difficult time last year and I have come out stronger than ever. Every session was a pick me up, brush myself down and plan made for me to move forward. If you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders with no one to talk to Lindsay can help with no judgement and practical REALISTIC advice throughout. She is smart as a whip and learned in all walks of life. I found it easy to talk to her about business, family, friends and my feelings. Overall I cannot thank Lindsay enough for all she has done for me, my family and my friends.


I cannot recommend Lindsay any more, if there were more stars to give her approach then they would be 100% deserved. Lindsay clearly takes a lot of time to plan, and ensure that her clients are comfortable. I conducted all my sessions through Skype and found them as engaging and thought provoking as if i was in the same room. At a time when i was going through an extremely traumatic experience she helped me through the most difficult period of my life. Lindsay makes you rationalise your thoughts and gives you the assurance that your thoughts are normal. When you think everything is against you, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you must stay determined and the good times return. I found increasing my exercise during this time helped me no end....not only for my self esteem but to give myself time where i wasn't thinking about my troubles....added benefit of losing 4 stone didn't go amiss either. If you have any problems in life there are always people there to listen and advise, Lindsay excels at this and i highly recommend her. Thanks Lindsay.


I truly believe everyone can benefit from therapy with Lindsay, whether you believe yourself to be in serious need of help or just want someone to talk to. Her therapy can help not only to understand why you feel the way you do, but to learn to accept and appreciate aspects of your personality that you thought were weaknesses. As a result, Lindsay has helped massively in changing my life to become a happier and calmer person and I cannot thank her or recommend her therapy enough.


Lindsay is a fantastic therapist. I always found her to be easy to talk to, empathetic, understanding and supportive. She helped me through an emotionally turbulent time in my life and I can't thank her enough for the support and insight she offered. Simply having her to talk to every 1/2 weeks was invaluable to my state of mind, and I can safely say that each of our sessions made a huge impact on me. I couldn't recommend her enough.


Lindsay is truly one of the best therapists. She has supported me at her utmost since the beginning and has always made me feel at ease when in sessions. She has always shown compassion and care towards me and I have so much respect for the work she does and the time she puts into helping me. I am very grateful and thankful of her and I would highly recommend Lindsay for anyone seeking counselling! Xx


Lindsay is a brilliant Therapist that my teenage daughter has been seeing for the last 6 month's. In my daughter's own words 'I feel that Lindsay understands me, is very supportive & compassionate and really helps me to overcome my anxieties. I end up really enjoying my sessions when I have them & always come out with a smile on my face feeling much confident'.


Lindsay is a great therapist, she is very understanding and compassionate, as a 29 year old I feel we are on a similar level, I’ve never felt silly or embarrassed talking about personal issues with her. My partner and I have done joint sessions which have been very helpful to our relationship. Lindsay is more than a therapist to me she is now a good friend


Two years ago (age 14) I was heavily bulimic and self harming, my struggles took over my life. I couldn’t eat in front of others or even go into food shops, without fearing my own hunger. Looking in the mirror at myself made me feel genuinely horrible. Around this time I started my therapy online with Lindsay. I had got to a point where I was convinced I would be struggling for the rest of my life. Today, after two years of working with Lindsay I am 10 months clean and honestly, I’ve never been happier with my self-image and I can’t even recognise the person I was back then. Lindsay has helped me overcome such a dark place and I couldn’t be more thankful.


"Having been a client of Lindsay's for over four years, I have experienced several different counselling appointments (such as individual and couple) and in several different formats (in person and online). I've always found Lindsay to be professional, understanding and non-judgemental. I especially appreciate how she listens whilst also offering different insights to move forward. I would highly recommend Lindsay to those looking for a thoughtful counsellor and a welcoming and professional environment."

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