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Secure Text

Private SMS messaging

Chat with me in real time via text message with complete privacy.

I use Signal Private Messenger to make our text messaging private and secure.  No-one else can read the messages you send or receive using the free Signal app.

Signal integrates with your existing address book and encrypts every message. There is no login, no username to remember, with Signal messages are sent instantly and securely.  

We can even do group chats if you choose to!

Setting it up is so easy.

Just download the app, enter your phone number, and you can then use signal to text chat securely to me on your phone.

How to contact me

To text me, use 07929 523038.

Get Signal Private Messenger via the App Store or Google Play Store.

App Store
Google Play Store

Make an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with Lindsay you can use the online booking form to choose the type of session to suit you (Face to Face, Chat-room, Face-Time / Zoom, Phone Therapy, Skype Therapy, Text, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy).

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