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Zoom and Face time

As with Skype, Zoom and Face-Time counselling are easy to use and make therapy more convenient to access. Evidence has also shown that anxiety is lower using online methods of counselling. 

Similar to Skype, using Zoom and Face-Time means that we are still able to physically see each other and talk as we would in a conventional face to face therapy session, however the added convenience means that you can do this from the comfort of your own home or indeed anywhere in the world.

Face-Time can be used by anyone using an Apple phone, whereas Zoom is a stand alone app which can be used once the application is downloaded. Both are free, easy to use, reliable and ensure that you can attend your counselling session from anywhere, providing you have a reliable internet connection available.

Please do contact me to discuss any concerns you might have regarding using online methods. Just so you know, the efficacy of online therapy is the same as conventional face to face therapy, in other words it works the same.

How to contact me

You can email me at the address

Make an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with Lindsay you can use the online booking form to choose the type of session to suit you (Face to Face, Chat-room, Face-Time / Zoom, Phone Therapy, Skype Therapy, Text, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy).

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