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Young Adults and University students

Worried about your future? Concerned about your finances? Uncertainty around your job prospects or future career? It may come as no surprise to learn that 18-24-year-old are said to be the most stressed age group in the United Kingdom.

For the past two years since the start of pandemic,  life as we once knew it has become not only uncertain, but at times stressful and restrictive. Simple things like meeting up with friends for a drink or going into your place of work are not quite as straightforward and part of what was once, normal everyday life. Sadly, with so much uncertainty about the future and job security, additional anxiety and stress on top of normal every-day life stressors is taking its toll on our mental health. As a result, this can affect many things including your mood, sleep pattern, relationships and overall sense of wellbeing. 

You may be one of the many young adults going off to University, uncertain about this next stage in your life. Despite offering you exciting changes as well as lots of fun, going to University can also be a stressful experience. You may feel stressed about living with people you don’t know or might not get on with, how you might cope managing day to day life, let alone making new friends. 

Stress is a natural feeling designed to help you cope in challenging situations. In small amounts it can be good, because it pushes you to work hard and do your best, such as during exams or getting that promotion at work. However, if you're feeling very stressed or feel you cannot manage the levels of anxiety it is creating for you, it can lead to mental health issues such as low mood, acute generalised anxiety and in some severe cases, depression. 

Counselling Can Help

Counselling can help support you manage things better so that you feel more in control of your mental health and wellbeing. Having someone you can trust that understands how you are feeling and helps you learn new strategies and better coping mechanisms; means you will feel happier and more in control of your life again. Why don’t you send me a text to book your free, confidential consultation! One off as well as weekly sessions available.

Below are my range of easy to access therapy platforms:

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If you would like to make an appointment with Lindsay you can use the online booking form to choose the type of session to suit you (Face to Face, Chat-room, Face-Time / Zoom, Phone Therapy, Skype Therapy, Text, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy).

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